Many companies have recently been placed under stricter regulations by state, federal, and local authorities regarding vehicle cleanliness. These regulations are important, as they are designed to prevent contaminants in wastewater from entering storm drains, which can be particularly problematic at transportation terminals located near streams and tidal areas. Compliance with regulations isn’t the only reason to look into hiring a company for professional Fleet washing, though; read on to find out about a few more of them.

Maintain Driver Health
Company drivers tend to spend a good deal of time in their cabs, leaving them prone to developing illnesses if they are not kept clean. Those who choose to enlist the help of a cleaning professional to keep their company trucks clean are investing in the on-going health and satisfaction of their workers. It just makes good sense.

Lower Chances of DOT Inspections
Vehicle Fleet Washing can help to prevent DOT inspections. When it comes down to it, clean vehicles are less likely to be pulled over and are less likely to be inspected. This can help company drivers to save a lot of time and hassle.

Good for Branding
Simply put, clean vehicles give a better overall impression of companies to potential clients and customers. The cleanliness of a fleet is perceived as being a reflection of the overall brand, so it can’t be overestimated how important it is to look into the Heavy duty Machine Washing required to keep those trucks looking spotless and beautiful.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Clean machines require less maintenance, as regular cleaning helps to prevent lubrication from being infiltrated by grime and stops metal from rusting. This is particularly relevant in areas that experience harsh winters requiring roads to be salted, though companies anywhere can benefit from lower maintenance costs.

Lower Capital Costs
Lower maintenance costs aren’t the only way that business owners in the transportation field can save money by hiring a company for mobile fleet cleaning. This solution also allows them to lower capital costs by removing the need for expensive equipment like wash bays and water reclamation equipment. This can help companies to save more money while maintaining a positive public image.